Seafood as a Substitute for Red Meat

Seafood as a Substitute for Red Meat

Like anything, certain foods should be eaten in moderation. Red meat is a great example of this. Although there are some health benefits of eating red meat – such as it containing beneficial iron and a high protein content, there have also been studies shown that by reducing your intake, you could show improvement in your cardiovascular health, weight and even help the planet by reducing your carbon footprint.

The idea of reducing red meat intake might seem a little daunting for some, but there are plenty of healthier substitutes that are just as delicious, especially seafood.

For those who like a meaty steak, swordfish or tuna is a tasty substitute that will keep you both full and satisfied. Swordfish offers a dense meatiness, along with sweet and mild flavors. This fish has been compared to beef and is also known as the steak of the ocean. You can flavor this fish however you would like, if you don’t overpower the taste of it. A simple blend of olive oil, salt and pepper or a sweet fruit salsa has been known to taste delicious on a swordfish steak. Tuna steak also has a firm texture compared to a sirloin steak – the cooking process for this fish is very similar to a steak also! Grilled tuna would even taste delicious with some caramelized onions and mashed potato, like you might have with red meat.

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Tuna Tartare Appetiser on VP Seafood Month Menu

If you’re craving something with a smoky palate, similar to bacon, then smoked haddock is a great substitute. Simply place in the oven with some onions and tomatoes and it will serve nicely as a breakfast substitute for bacon. Served with some breakfast potatoes on the side and this meal gives plenty of salty flavors to satisfy those red meat cravings. If you’re feeling more daring, smoked salmon is also a delicious smoky substitute and works excellently with freshly scrambled egg or cream cheese on a bagel.

For some sea-foodies out there, cod is renowned as the chicken of the sea and has a mild buttery taste, along with a delicate, flaky texture. This fish contrasts well with striking, colorful ingredients such as lemon, mustard, herbs and olives, and can be used in anything from seafood soups and stews to salads and fish tacos, or of course, fish and chips. Quite frankly, cod is an all-time favorite amongst both adults and children.

Scallops are also a delicious substitute for meat and is the perfect seafood starter if you’re opting for something light. Filled with healthy omega-3 fats and low in mercury, this light yet satisfying shellfish is great with some garlic butter sauce and a fresh green salad. If you’re looking for the perfect summer seafood dish, scallops are most likely the top of that list as it’s filled with flavor whilst not filling you up too much.

Finally, we have shrimp. The great thing about shrimp is that it can be cooked in a wide

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variety of ways. Some favorites involve shrimp pasta, with a rich alfredo or creamy pesto sauce, a shrimp stir fry or Thai coconut soup and a garlic butter shrimp salad served both warm or cold. For those starting off eating shrimp for the first time, trying a shrimp tempura with a sweet chili sauce is a great place to start when getting used to the different texture.

Over all there is a wide variety of seafood options out there, it’s simply all about figuring out which flavors and textures work best for you. Once you establish what you like, making substitutes for foods such as red meats will hopefully become a preference rather than an obligation!