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On your way to town, grab your perfectly prepared coffee, which is carefully sourced and locally roasted as well as your favorite breakfast dish.

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Join us for breakfast, lunch and dinner and leave the parking to us. We have friendly valet staff waiting to serve you complimentary.

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Our award-winning Roaster hand-roasts and expertly blends the carefully sourced specialty coffee beans right here in Bermuda using a ‘small batch’ process. This brings out unique flavor profiles and ensures consistent high quality and freshness. For coffee lovers like us, there is no greater pleasure than the aroma and first sip of a great coffee. We aim to share that enjoyment with you in every cup.


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With all the amazing restaurants and catering services Take Five operates, there comes a great responsibility to ensuring everything is organised and running smoothly. This is when our General Manager Alexandra Truppe comes in. Before moving to Bermuda in 2017 Alexandra worked as a consultant for aspiring restaurant owners entering the hospitality industry, as well as supporting existing entrepreneurs during their implementation or repositioning of their businesses. Her work focused on start-up consulting, funding and…

Seafood as a Substitute for Red Meat

seafood platter  - Village Pantry Bermuda

Like anything, certain foods should be eaten in moderation. Red meat is a great example of this. Although there are some health benefits of eating red meat – such as it containing beneficial iron and a high protein content, there have also been studies shown that by reducing your intake, you could show improvement in your cardiovascular health, weight and even help the planet by reducing your carbon footprint. The idea of reducing red meat…